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Easikit Conveyors, now established for nearly 30 years, have become a proven and recognised method of material handling within industry.

This robust modular conveyor system puts an end to bespoke and expensive conveyor installations that not only eat into your budget, but also cost you valuable time. Easikit allows you to install the exact conveyor that your business needs easily and quickly.

All of our modular conveyors are supplied in sections from stock and are transported easily in pallet form. Conveyors are then joined together using our specialised coupling assembly system.

If you want the highest quality modular belt conveyors, look no further!

Trough Belt Conveyors - EASIKIT

An Easikit trough belt conveyors system is the solution for your loose material handling requirements. Easikit conveyors are available in a range of widths from 300 to 1500mm and depending on the type and volume of material that needs to be handled, virtually any length can be achieved. On all conveyors the belt runs over the folded edge of the frame reducing the risk of material falling down onto the returning belt.

Flat Belt Conveyors - EASIBELT

Our belt conveyor systems also include flat belt conveyors which are designed for handling your unit and solid materials requirements. Our Easibelt range of conveyors are available as standard from 300mm to 900mm wide

Gravity Roller Conveyors - EASITRAK

We also supply gravity roller conveyors which are a very simple and economical solution for transferring loads from one area to another. Easitrak gravity roller conveyors are suited to flat loads and can be installed horizontally where the movement of the load is manual. They can also be easily assembled on site for instant usage and when installed with a slight decline will allow loads to move under the force of gravity.

Find out more about how we can transform the way you handle materials and reduce your costs by contacting us now on 0843 224 1111.

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