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Find Quality Gravity Roller Conveyors

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Whatever part of industry you find yourself occupied in, it is very likely that your daily tasks will involve transferring materials from one area to another. Whilst these tasks can be carried out manually by your workforce, a quicker and more efficient method that encourages production in other areas is to invest in a high quality gravity roller conveyor.  Here at EasiKit we specialise in supplying various types of gravity roller conveyors known as the ‘EasiTrak’ conveyor system and are certain we have a product that can aid your workforce.

We have been manufacturing and supplying these excellent products for over 20 years so you can trust that we have the ability to produce truly exceptional conveyors that can become an invaluable part of your work processes.  Such is the level of confidence given in our products; their use has become widespread in all manner of applications where there is a need to quickly and easily transfer high volumes of materials.

Providing a simple and economical solution for transferring materials from one area to another, they can be quickly and easily assembled on site either horizontally or with a decline, allowing for gravity assisted transfer.

The ‘EasiTrak’ conveyor system comes in three standard widths of roller: 300mm, 600mm & 900mm with other widths available on request.  There is no limit to the length of conveyor as sections are simply joined together to produce the exact solution to your conveying requirements.

At EasiKit we are here to provide you with a conveyor that suits your exact requirements; simply inform us of your application and we will advise on the correct conveyor to meet your needs.  In addition to our range of high quality gravity roller conveyors we offer a range of quality flat belt conveyors (EasiBelt) for unit handling where you need to move your products by belt rather than gravity.  For handling loose materials we would recommend our range of trough belt conveyors (EasiKit).  Whatever your requirement, we have all the necessary conveyor products available from stock to offer you a quality solution that can be delivered quickly and simply assembled on-site.

So, regardless of the size of your job, if you are in need of high quality gravity roller conveyors to assist with your project or the everyday work processes of your workforce, don’t hesitate to contact our team here at EasiKit today on 0843 224 1111, or alternatively you can make a purchase online by browsing through our products and selecting the ideal conveyor for your needs.

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