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Different Types Of Conveyor Systems

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When you are working on a project that involves the moving of any item, the decision how best to transport your goods and materials can sometimes be a difficult one. That’s why here at EasiKit we specialise in providing a range of modular conveying solutions which include trough belt conveyor systems, flat belt conveyors and gravity roller conveyors . With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we have a proven record for providing our customers with high quality products to solve their material handling problems.

We supply 3 different types of conveyor systems; read on to find out more about each one:

Trough Belt – EASIKIT

This type of belt conveyor is the ideal conveyor for moving loose materials easily as the belt sits on a series of angled rollers forming a trough enabling the material to be moved efficiently and safely in the ‘V’ curve of the trough. We supply our Trough Belt conveyors in a variety of widths from 300mm to 1500mm in width. They are ideal for carrying a wide range of materials.  A few examples of these materials include soil, aggregates, coal, cement, minerals, compost, wood waste, crops and grain such as barley, corn, maize, potatoes, wheat, etc., animal feeds, paper & cardboard, cans & broken glass, general waste in recycling applications, and dried sewage cake. With the increasing trend in the world towards recycling our waste, these conveyors are have proved themselves as an excellent simple form of materials handling in many, many facilities.

Flat Belt – EASIBELT

These conveyors are a simple, compact piece of equipment with the belt of the conveyor running on a flat pan.  They will be found in many industrial situations where unit handling is required, i.e. boxes and solid materials (as opposed to loose materials).  These conveyors are simply joined together with any number of sections meaning we can design the conveyors to the length you require. The belts come in a variety of widths and will provide you with a flat and durable surface on which to transport any goods you need.

Roller Track – EASITRAK

These conveyors will be used for similar uses to the flat belt conveyors and offer a cost-effective solution for transporting goods via gravity on a series of rollers supported in a solid framework. Depending on the size of the object being moved a variety of pitches are available for roller spacing.  The general rule is that there must be a minimum of 3 rollers under the object at all times.  As with our other products, the Roller Track Conveyors are available in a variety of widths and are supplied ready to assemble.  We can also alter the design to meet your exact requirements dependant on the materials you want to move.  A powered roller option is also available on request. The rollers are made in a bright zinc plated finish and will therefore be durable and long lasting.

If your project needs the use of one our belt conveyor systems or gravity roller track systems, contact us at EasiKit to find out about the range of products we supply and how we could help you. For more information, feel free to browse our website or call one of our team on 0843 2241111.

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